Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why didn't amy post?

Hey y'all! It's Lydia (again!), and I have a new book to review for y'all! AND I have the daily bible verse for y'all! (okay, so i just reread what I just posted, and I think I say y'all a lot. oh well, it's the southern girl in us, amy does it too, not the point). Yesterday, I finished Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella. I love Sophie, she's a great author. I've read almost all of her books. You know British authors are pretty awesome. I guess it's because I love British people. Ok, moving on to the review.

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella is about 25 year old Lexi Smart, who is not where she wants to be in the career, ins't the most attractive girl, and her dad just died. The night before his funeral, Lexi is out with some friends, and falls down. She hits her head, and wakes up in the hospital. When she wakes up she has perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect skin, and when her belongings are brought to her, she finds a dimond ring (wedding ring??), a Louis Vittuin purse, and everything from Chanel lipstick to M.A.C. eyeshadow. Has she been put in another person's body? Has she been in a coma? What happened to Lexi Smart?

I loved this book! (I know that I say this all the time, but I really loved this book). This book is extremely well written, and Sophie knows how to write an amazing book on such a hard topic. There were so many twist and turns of things that only Lexi knew, and how she found them out. I loved the twist on what part Jon played in the plot. The only thing I didn't like about this book, was the amount of cuss words, and intimate scenes. I give this (AMAZING) book 12 out of 14 stars!!

Bible verse for today (the 11th):
Phillipians 2:5 says
"Your attitude should be the same as that of Jesus Christ"

Thanks y'all! ~lydia~

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