Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lush by Natasha Friend

It's Lydia, and I have another review (yay!) although reviews are helpful, I think they are getting kind of boring, so PLEASE give me some tips about things to post about OTHER than reviews. Thanks!

Lush by Natasha Friend (summery from inside of the front flap)
Samantha has a secret....It's hard to be a thirteen-year-old girl. But it's even harder when your father's a drunk. It adds an extra layer to everything-your family's reactions to things, the friends you're willing to bring home, the way you see yourself and the world. For Samantha, it's something that's been going on for so long that she's almost used to it. Only, you never get used to it. Especially when it starts to get worse.
Sam knows things have to stop. But she doesn't know how to make them stop. So she picks a random girl in the library and starts sending her notes, asking for advice. And she keeps an extra-close eye on her little brother, trying to protect him from getting hurt. Sam doesn't want her family to fall apart. But that might be what has to happen for things to be okay again.

This book was compleatly amazing. I love Natasha Friend. She's a great author, and I've read Bounce, Perfect and now Lush and they were pretty freakin amazing. The book starts great with Sam sending the note in the library, and ends amazingly, with...well I'm not going to spoil it. But when Sam goes to the party...that part was so freaking awesome, and shows Sam excatly what alchol will do to people. I would recomend this book to anyone. It seems like a girl book, but I think guys would love it too. Lush is written well, and powerful and kind of moving, while also being compleatly AWESOME!


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