Sunday, May 2, 2010

In My Mailbox (Lydia)

In My Mailbox was started and hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren. It's a weekly meme where you post about the books that you've gotten in the past week.

I'm happy, because I just got back from the library by my cousin's house, and have a ton of books! I'm going to write the title and author, and then something about the book. I guess this will be the format for most of my In My Mailboxes'....

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen - I got this book at Barnes and Nobel on Friday and am really excited to read it!!
My 13th Season by Kristi Roberts - This book looks awesome! I love books about girls on boys sports teams! I started reading it in the library, and let me tell you, it is AMAZING! far.
Lush by Natasha Friend - After I read Perfect and  Bounce I've wanted to read Lush, so I'm excited about it!
The Good Girl by Kerry Cohen Hoffmann - This book looks awesome. I've never read a book about a girl who's a theif, and hopefully it'll wow me!
The Kind of Friends We Used to Be by Frances O'Roark Dowell - I love this cover! It's really cute and totally awesome!
Th Invisible Rules of the Zoe Lama  by Tish Cohen - This book looks a little juvinile, but there are some kids books that I really like!
Teen, Inc. by Stefan Pentrucha - WOAH! This book looks amazing! It's about a boy who's parents are killed, and a company takes custody of him, and they control every part of his life, like who he can date, ect. Awesome? Maybe...
The Homeschool Liberation League by Lucy Frank - I saw this book on Sarah's blog and really wanted to read it!!

Well, that's In My Mailbox for this Sunday. I'm still reading Uglies, but it's taken me longer than I thougt, because I have to read The Time Travlers Wife for school, and they're both long. So...yeah.
ps- i guess toodles is my new thing!

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