Friday, May 28, 2010


   Hello everyone! It's Amy, and I don't really  have a review....I just felt like posting and I wanted to apologize for being gone. I also wanted to say two things (and I'm very very very very late at saying them!!): happy book launch day to Liz Kessler and a happy blogaversary (I know I spelled that wrong)  to Khy. Sorry for being so late one those!! And thank you to all of our followers!!! We have 8 now!!! I know that's nothing compared to other blogs, but we are excited.                                                                                                                         
   I'm reading about seven books at the moment, so that's why I haven't posted. I did read a comic book. It's called Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods, but it's the fourth in a series, and I didn't read the first three. So, I can't really tell you what's going on. Great art though! Um...This post is really awful. Oh! I deleted the picture of me lying on the books in our Buddie Post, because it looked quite bad. Lydia, don't be mad I bet all of our followers will stop reading after this. Bye!

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