Monday, March 22, 2010

Ok...So I Have 2 Reviews

Hey y'all! It's Lydia, and so in our last post, I kind of lied, saying I'd post soon, and clearly that's not true....But, I have TWO books to review!!

20 Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler is about Frankie and Anna, best friends who are about to go to the beach for three weeks together! Fashionsta Frankie is convinced she can help Anna find a perfect summer romance. But what Frankie doesn't know is that, behind Frankie's back, Anna has already had her summer romance. With Frankie's older brother, Matt, and it was right before his tragic death a year ago.

Sarah, this book was AMAZING! It was awesome, and I think you need to write another one!! 20 Boy Summer was really written well, and the huge twist in the end was something that I DIDN'T expect. The charachter's had great chemestry, it was like they grew up together! Haha, (when you read it, you'll get it, because they did grow up together!) I really liked the whole mystery of the sea glass and the importance of it to Anna and Frankie. I'd recomend it to any teen girl with a love of chick lit and friendships!

Finally by Wendy Mass is about 11-year old, Rory whp's about to turn 12. Over the course of her 11 years, she's kept a list of everything her parents has told her she could do when she was 12. Now that she's almost there, she gets to take everything on the list and do them. But then everything begins to go horribly wrong.

Wendy has, once again, amazed me with her awesome storyline and writing skills. I also LOVED how she brought Amanda and Leo back from one of her former books, Eleven Birthdays. It absoutly amazes me when authors do that. It one of my favorite things that writers can do. Wendy, please make a book about a girl turning 13!! I love Wendy Mass and her books!

Sorry for not posting!! Thanks for reading!!

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