Thursday, March 11, 2010

MERMAIDS!!!!! and a review

Hey, it's Amy (again). And as you can see, I LOVE mermaids! In case you missed my obsession with the Emily Windsnap series. And no I am not copying "the Story Siren"(who is awesome!). I have loved mermaids since I was about 5. Ask Lydia. I was bored so I wanted to tell you all the mermaid books and/or series I've read.

Emily Windsnap series by Liz Kessler
Water trilogy by Kara dalkey
Ingo series by Helen Dunmore (only finished the first one so far)
Aquamarine by Alice Hoffman
Indigo by Alice Hoffman (I think it's mermaids....I can't remember)

I think that's it. Wow, I thought I read so many more....I have some other ones that I haven't read yet, so yeah.

I also just finished a book called Access Denied (and Other Eighth Grade Error Messages) by Denise Vega. AWESOME!! This is the second book in the series. The first is Click Here (To Find Out How I Survived Seventh Grade). They are about a girl named Erin P. Swift, who is pretty much a computer genius. And she has to deal with boys, school, and DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA. I love these books!!!!

By the way, I've been talking to Lydia and she said she would blog about a book she's read soon. Also, this weekend there will be an awesome post! Wait and see.....

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