Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Music Video: "Playing God" by Paramore

It's Lydia (again), and I am writing my first ever music video review, and I am proud to say that the artist is one of my top three favorite bands. Paramore is tied with The Runaways and Bon Jovi for my number one spot. Ok, moving on. The song is "Playing God" and here is the music video:

"Playing God" by Paramore

Ok, I realize that you have to go to YouTube to watch it, but again this is my first time. Please forgive. Here is my review:

I am in love with this song, but have mixed feeling about the video. I love the part where Hayley is in the basement, screaming to the guys who are all roped up. I love the whole "rope" theme that was throughout the enitre music video. Also, where they showed the empty frames that are on the back cover of Brand New Eyes.
Some things, that I need to point out that were'nt my favorite, like when they were at the table and....well...all of that. Also, Hayley's dresses throughout the video. I'm not a fan of dresses, and I just plain didn't like those.
Did anyone else notice that when they were in the basement, with the guys roped up, and the single lightbulb hanging down over them, the set looked really similar to the set for the "Ignorance" video? It might just be me though.

Overall, this music video was fun, quirky, and totally Paramore. LOVED IT!

rock on!


  1. I think the video is a continuation of the ignorance video. In ignorance, hayley was confused and felt unattached to the rest of the band. She kept waving the lightbulb in their faces but they continued to ignore her. And at the end, their tying her up. In Playing god, Hayley is taking control. She realizes its not her fault and it's actually the guys to blame. So she ties them up, and places the light bulb above them, like forcing them to look at it and not ignore it any longer. She uses the magnifine-glass to look into them and see their flaws, but when she finally sees herself clearly in the mirror, she realizes she can just pin it all on the guys. She decides to give the guys a second chance, "this is the last second chance". At the end, they all play together, showing the band staying strong. But when Hayley locks them back in the basement, it shows that she will never forget how they shut her out.
    But that;s just what I think it's about.

    like i said, first time reviewing a music video, so i guess i didn't see the whole thing for what it was. thanks.
    it's weird, my best friend (not Amy) told me about the music video.
    you can email me with any other comments at:

  3. I like your review, and love you guys' blog! I'm a follower now :D

    It's actually pretty easy to get youtube videos in a post. Just go to a video on youtube, click the "embed" button under it, and then change the width settings to 410. Then copy/paste the big code into your blog post, and VIOLA! Hope this will help you out sometime, lol


  4. Maddz,
    Thanks so much for your help! I'll try that next time. I checked out your blog, it's really awesome. We followers now! I saw your PBS button, and just wanted to say that I love PBS, it's so helpful, and where I get like half my books!

  5. No prob! And yeah, Paperback Swap is fantastic--I do get a lot of my books from there as well, lol