Friday, October 29, 2010

The Year of Secrets Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty

Hello wonderful readers! Lydia here, and don't worry, I'm trying to get Amy to post, but she's got a TON of homework. So, because I'm not doing well on my coming-up-with-other-ideas-other-than-reviewing plan, i guess that I have another review...

The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty (back of book)
The Ashbury-Brookfield pen pal program is designed to bring together the two rival schools in a spirit of harmony and "the Joy of the Envelope." But when Cassie, Lydia, and Emily send their first letters to Matthew, Charlie, and Sebastian, things don't go quite as planned. What starts out as a simple letter exchange soon leads to secret missions, false alarms, lock picking, mistaken identities, and an all-out war between the schools--not to mention some really excellent kissing.

Ok, the main reason that I picked up this book was because there is a main charachter names Lydia. You don't see many Lydia's, so it made me excited. You get excited when your name is in a book. Or at least I do, because there are only a few books I have ever found that have my name in it.
I read The Year of Secret Assignments at camp, and absolutly loved it. It was really cute, and the charachter Lydia is extremely similar to me! Like, at the beginning, she was testing to see how smoke decetors worked, and that is TOTALLY something I would do!
Lydia, Cassie, Emily, Matthew, Charlie and Sebastian (Seb) are some of the funniest and wittiest charachters I've ever read about. I loved how at the beginning of the pen pal program, Lydia and Seb were testing to see if their teachers actually read their letters. They decided to pretend like they were selling pot (or some other drug), and it made me laugh out loud (legitly) during "rest hour" at camp.
Overall The Year of Secret Assignments was one of the funniest books I've ever read. If you've never read this book, you must go to the store, or library, or wherever and get our hands on a copy of this book NOW!

so there is my review for Friday/Saturday. I will be back on Sunday (HALLOWEEN!!!!! I LOVE HALLOWEEN SOOO MUCH!!) for my IMM.
rock on! ~lydia~

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