Sunday, October 24, 2010

i have an amazing review coming up

Hello dear readers (if there are any left). It's Lydia and I know it's been, like amonth since I posted, but do not worry, I still love you all. I am actually posting this from the library, becuase...well I've looked at the shelves twice already, and don't want to leave.
BUT I found this AMAZING book that I have started and will post a review for ASAP. Let me give you a preview of this book.
Ok, If this does not look amazing, you must be insane. It's about this girl, Allie (I swear I want to be her) who's brain might as well be a encyclopedia of music. She loves vinyl (hence the name), and wants to start a revolution against downloading.
In my opinion, I agree with her, vinyl is SO MUCH BETTER, but I need my iPod for the 45 minute drive between my parents' houses every few days, and thus downloading....
So, I hope to review The Vinyl Princess soon, but we'll see how much work my Bio teacher gives me tomorrow....

long live vinyl!

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