Tuesday, August 10, 2010

back to school....

hello wonderful readers! Lydia (me) isback in school :(  and so I need a fun review. Another Natasha Friend is a good post to start the school year! ALSO I want to send a BIGGGGG thank you to Ari of Teens Actually Read who gave us a blog award!!!!!!!! We are going to post more about that later though. So, onto the review!

Perfect by Natasha Friend (back of book)
Isabelle Lee has a problem. And it's not just her little sister, April (aka Ape Face), who has just ratted her out to their mother. It's not even Group, which she now attends once a week as part of "the deal" with her mother. The problem is, everything seems "fine" at home, but in fact Isabelle's family is still reeling from the death of her father. Isabelle's mother has taken all the pictures of him off the walls and cries herself to sleep every night. When April catches Isabelle in the bathroom, forcing herself to throw up, Isabelle can't bribe her to stay quiet and ends up in "Eating Disorder and Body Image Therapy Group". Trapped in a room with no air circulation and orange carpet, Isabelle is amazed when Ashley Barnum, the prettiest, most popular girl is school-aka Royalty-walks through the door.

I love Natasha Friend. So by default, I have to love this book. The charachters were so funny. I loved Ashley and her effect she had on Isabelle. When they were hanging out at her house, the way that she seemed to be such a natural, it kind of surprised me. I haven't read that many books about bulimic girls, but for some reasons, I like those kind of books, like about kids with problems....weird, huh? I guess I'm just weird. But overall, this book was so cute and sweet and good!!


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