Monday, June 14, 2010

New Layout!!

Ok, so it seems like everyone in the YA blogging world is changing their layout. Since, we are new here, we thought we should go with the flow. Like (just to give examples) our buddy, Khy (The Frenetic Reader), and Kristi (The Story Siren) have both changed their layouts for the better. We are so fancy now! Anyway, we are currently hanging out for a few days, so decided to do another Buddy Blog! :D

We really don't have anything to talk about, but when we got back from dinner, we went up to use my (Lydia) aunt's computer. We are trying to take a good profile picture, and also watching book reviews on YouTube. So, we are now going to show you are many attempts. When you look at our profile picture, you will see which one was the best.

Amy: I think my hair looks bad
Lydia: I like it!! Mine's in a ponytail, like it always is...besides this is our first attempt, it's allowed to suck!
A: So you admit my hair looks bad!
L: No! It looks fine! Oh, and for the people who haven't figured it out yet, I'm the one on the left, holdng Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler, and Amy is on the right.

L: I love this shirt! This is me showing the people of the world my amazing shirt! Amy says that it describes me....probably because I like to write!
A:This is how we usually look.....
L: with you looking at me like "how the hell did this girl escape from her mental hospital??"
L: maybe that says more about you than me...
A: Hey! I didn't escape from the loony bin!
L: i was NEVER in know what....lets just go on to the next picture!

A: Need I say more??
L: yes.
A: There's so many ways I could put this....
L: does it involve me in a straight jacket?
A: "standing in a room made up of only big white walls..."-Fences, Paramore
L: oh, by the way people who read our blog...we also LOVE the band, paramore!! Shout out to Hayley and her awesome hair!! we're listening to their music now!
A: I look like the boring one!
L: well.....
A: ...

L: you're a good pillow, except for your bony shoulder!!
A: Well, don't put your head on it! This shows Lydia, a little more calmed down.
L: i'm going to go get a brownie!!
A:I want one!!!
(both exit)
(both return)
L: you realize that this is not safe, right?
A: Well, soon I'll be just as hyped up as you!
L: is that even possible??
A: With a brownie, anything is possible!
(maims Lydia)
L: OW!!
A: You can have the rest! Ya butthead
L: do you want to keep doing this instead of uploading more pictures? we have all week to upload pictures!!
A: I don't think the eight people who read this, would want to hear us babble about nothing when they came for book reviews....
L: who cares? its our blog, this is fun, and i'll post a review tomorrow if you want!
A: Well, fine! We drew on our Converse today....
L: mine failed
A: I like yours!
L: i like the green and purple stripes on yours!!!! so amazing!
A: Not really. I wanna go swimming
L: it's almost 11 at night and both my mom and grandmother are asleep. We can't swim after 10 alone. I sorry.
A:Shoot fire crud dog gone it....Indiana Jones????
L: u need a hug?
A: From Indiana Jones, hell yes!!!
(Lydia hugs Amy)
L: are you satisfied now? plus when we get up early in the morning, if i am injured in any way by you, or anything attached to you (clothes...ect) you will pay, sunscreen queen!
A: 1. Am I satisfied?? Are you Harrison Ford??? 2. I can't promise anything (I'm not a morning person) 3. I have pale skin and my mom always annoys me about stupid sunscreen.....
L: 1. no, but I do have spidey senses!! 2. you better not injure me, especially if i will be standing on a freakin ladder! 3. im not even going to comment on that...
A: you don't have any spider powers or any senses that don't include the normal five!!
L: um, i think i do.....
A: Oh really?? Let's see you shoot a web from your hand and swing on buildings like freakin King Kong!!
L: i never said i had spiderMAN senses! i just said spidey senses!!
A: Same thing!
L: um no it's not....lets just drop the subject and talk about books!
A: ok....I'm reading too many and haven't finished one in a while!
L: i'm trying to finish Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen, and I really want to finish it at the beach tomorrow!
A: I want to finish Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, but I have a book to read for school!
L: we'll read pleasure at the beach, and school stuff at the house! i'm getting tired...
~amy and lydia~

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